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Section / Rule Number   Content   
88 Register of Members, etc.
89 Declaration in Respect of Beneficial Interest in any Share
90 Investigation of Beneficial Ownership of Shares in Certain Cases
91 Power to Close Register of Members or Debenture-Holders or Other Security Holders
92 Annual Return
93 Return to be Filed with Registrar in Case Promoters' Stake Changes
94 Place of keeping and Inspection of Registers, Returns, etc.
95 Registers, etc., to be Evidence.
96 Annual General Meeting
97 Power of Tribunal to Call Annual General Meeting
98 Power of Tribunal to Call Meetings of Members, etc.
99 Punishment for Default in Complying with Provisions of Sections 96 to 98
100 Calling of Extraordinary General Meeting
101 Notice of Meeting
102 Statement to be Annexed to Notice
103 Quorum for Meetings
104 Chairman of Meetings
105 Proxies
106 Restriction on Voting Rights
107 Voting by Show of Hands
108 Voting through Electronic Means
109 Demand for Poll
110 Postal Ballot
111 Circulation of Members' Resolution
112 Representation of President and Governors in Meetings
113 Representation of Corporations at Meeting of Companies and of Creditors
114 Ordinary and Special Resolutions
115 Resolutions Requiring Special Notice
116 Resolutions Passed at Adjourned Meeting
117 Resolutions and Agreements to be Filed
118 Minutes of Proceedings of General Meeting, Meeting of Board of Directors and Other Meeting and Resolutions Passed by Postal Ballot
119 Inspection of Minute-Books of General Meeting
120 Maintenance and Inspection of Documents in Electronic Form
121 Report on Annual General Meeting
122 Applicability of this Chapter to One Person Company
118644 Times Visited