Schedule III

Documents to be submitted to the Authority in case of loss of securities held in physical mode.

1. Notarised copy of FIR/ Police Compliant containing information of security holder, holding details, folio number and distinctive numbers of share certificate.

2. Surety Affidavit of value equal to market value that of shares as on date of execution along with his Proof of identity like Pan Card of sureties duly attested by Notary.

3. Indemnity bond by security holder on a non-judicial stamp paper of requisite value duly attested by Notary Public by the person, in whose name the original share certificate are being issued that he has not sold / disposed off the involved shares or acted in any manner by which any interest of third party would have been created.

4. Copy of advertisement issued in at least one English language national daily newspaper having nationwide circulation and in one regional language daily newspaper published in the place of registered office of company, if the market value of the shares is greater than Rs 10,000.