23. Furnishing of Information by Dealers


(1) If any person or dealer liable to pay tax under this Act —

(a) transfers or otherwise disposes of his business or any part thereof, whether by way of sale or otherwise, or

(b) acquires any business or part of any business, whether by way of purchase or otherwise, or

(c) effects any other change in the ownership or constitution of the business, or

(d) discontinues his business, or shifts his place of business, or

(e) changes the name, style or nature of his business or effects any change in the class or description of goods dealt in by him, or

(f) starts a new business or joins another business either singly or jointly with other person or persons, or

(g) effects any change in the particulars furnished in an application under section 19 or declaration furnished under section 22, or

(h) applies for or has an application made against him for insolvency or liquidation under any law for the time being in force,

(i) makes a reference or has a reference made under the Sick Industrial Companies [Special Provisions] Act, 1985,

he shall, within seven days of the occurring of any of the events aforesaid, inform the prescribed authority accordingly, and, if any such dealer dies without doing so, his executor, administrator, successor-in-interest or legal representative, as the case may be, shall, within fifteen days of the dealer’s death, inform the said authority accordingly.